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Groomlands Boarding Kennels &   Professional Dog Grooming

 Inverlochty Road Mosstowie 

By Elgin, Moray IV30 8TT

  Tel: 01343 544185
  Mobile: 07733 044 795
  Email kennels@groomlands.com
  or grooming@groomlands.com

Terms and Condtitions

1. We recommend that you bring either your dogs own bed or a blanket that smells of home and toys, however we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused.

2. We are fully insured with cliverton and will endeavour to take your dog to their own vet where possible. Groomlands will pay for any vets bills relating to disagreements between dogs as we are responsible for putting them together and monitoring them. Groomlands will not cover any vets bills relating to any injuries or illness that is out with our control. In some cases vets bills need to be paid at the time, if Groomlands has to cover these costs then the customer will be billed on collection of the dog. 

3. Due to the set up and routine at Groomlands the dogs are generally quite quiet during the day and completely silent at night. We cannot accept dogs that bark and or howl excessively as this is distressing to the other boarders. We recommend an overnight trial for any dog that the owners think might not settle. Groomlands reserve the right to contact the owners emergency contact and or vet in the case of a distressed dog to do what is necessary for the dogs well being and safety. 

4. We do not provide dog food and the owners are expected to take their dogs usual food with them. If food needs to be bought by Groomlands for any reason then this will be charged to the bill.

5. All dogs coming to Groomlands must be up to date with annual vaccinations and KENNEL COUGH vaccine. Vaccination certificates must be presented on arrival. If there is no certificate or the vaccinations are out of date then the dog will not be accepted. 

6. At Groomlands we let the dogs out together, if your dog is not dog friendly please let us know on booking. Whilst we will take non dog friendly dogs it may not be possible to accommodate your dog if there are already several similar dogs booked in due to the time consuming nature of letting them all out, this reduces the time spent with the other dogs.